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My Favourite TED Talks

Earlier this week, BoingBoing reported on the top viewed TED Talks. These are all great talks and many of them make my top 10 list, but many of my favourites are missing from it. Many I think are really essential to watch. Therefore, I thought I'd compile a list of my own:

  1. Sir Ken Robinson's talk on how schools kill creativity
  2. Dan Gilbert's Why are we happy? Not happy?
  3. Dave Eggers discusses the amazing network of tutoring centers across the world
  4. Helen Fisher talks about love (I liked her talk from this year even more, but the video isn't posted yet)
  5. Barry Schwartz's discussion of the paradox of choice
  6. Robert Wright on optimism
  7. Jill Bolte Taylor discusses her stroke of insight
  8. Ben Zander on music and passion
  9. Hans Rosling's Gapminder and data on poverty
  10. Philip Zimbardo's discussion of good and evil and the creation of better barrels (yet to be posted - I will update it with a link here when up)

Of course, there are dozens of amazing TED talks on the lists, but these are my personal favourites and have actually moved me to incorporate the lessons into my day to day thinking.