Content is an incredibly popular tactic right now and for good reason. There are so many ads and messages that are ignored by customers nowadays (who can blame them?). Content, if done right, has an opportunity to break through the clutter and add real value to a customer's daily life. Of course, content done the WRONG way just adds to the clutter of marketing messages. But Tara isn't about that.

When it comes to content, there are no 'best practices' and they should be avoided at all costs. Why? Because formulas just add to the noise. Instead, you should find your editorial voice and align your content to your strategy (which, of course, is driven by those insights). So how do you find your editorial voice? You take what you know and have to offer and find that sweet spot that overlaps with what your audience wants/needs and what they aren't being offered elsewhere:

With your goals set, your audience’ s interests and needs understood, it’ s time to wrap it up neatly in an editorial focus. This is the essence of everything you live and breathe. This will be wrapped up in a statement that states: who your intended audience is, what kind of content you are offering, and how you are unique to that audience.

For example, GE’s fantastic focus is, “we are a science, tech, and innovation online magazine; sort of in the same vein as Wired or Pop Science, or The Economist’s science and technology section.” Their differentiation comes from reporting on the unique science, tech, and innovation coming out of GE itself. They have the advantage of having an insider’s perspective.


Tara has been creating content strategies for clients for over a decade, including Justin Trudeau, Canada's current Prime Minister.

[Photo credit: 10ch on Flickr]