The Trouble With Normal...

Places I've Lived...or my migration route.

Places I've Lived...or my migration route.

Born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and raised in small town Alberta, Sundre [on a farm] [with cows], I am the least likely city girl you will ever meet. Yet, the bigger, the smellier, the more crowded the city, the happier I am. I prefer cityscapes to mountain views and I think the most beautiful thing in the world is old, slightly broken down city architecture.

The last 10 years have been incredibly exciting for me. I was in Toronto, running my own business and writing on my blog (HorsePigCow at the time), when I was recruited to go to San Francisco to join an exciting stealth startup called Ojos, which became Riya, who became Like (and is now Google's I left Riya in May of 2006 to start my own business Citizen Agency. I also opened my own coworking space in November 2006.

In July of 2009, I left San Francisco to return to my homeland, Canada, and settle into the gorgeous city of Montreal, via a karaoke roadtrip across America. I co-founded Buyosphere.

In September of 2013, I moved BACK to Toronto and live there now with my fiancé, Carlos, and our two pugs, Ridley and Lizzie. I have one son, he's all grown up and lives in...Saskatoon. Crazy how that works.

A few fun facts about Tara:

  • She is known to change her hair A LOT. Style, length, colour. You'll see multiple variations across the site.
  • She is a big believer in pet rescue. Both of her pugs were rescued: Ridley from Pug Pros in California, Lizzie from a London, Ontario small dog rescue organization.
  • She has one grown-up child. He was with her in San Francisco (attending high school), but now lives in another province.
  • She loves karaoke, but is more into the karaoke booth thing these days. She organized herself and four friends (as well as Ridley) to do a Karaoke Roadtrip Across America (Whuffaoke). They stopped in 13 locations to do shows. The trip was sponsored. And awesome.