As human beings, we can usually tell an ad from a non-ad pretty quickly. There is something we detect in the way the content is presented. 

But the concept that there is a difference between a piece of content that is promotional or NON-social and a piece of content that is social is pretty foreign to most marketers. I'd hazard a guess that they would disagree that there is a difference at all.

I asked this question of two people the other day at a panel - one from a traditional media company and one from Buzzfeed. The guy from the traditional media company didn't really answer my question. It seemed as if he didn't understand what I was asking ("What do you think the difference is between an article that is social and one that is not social?"), but the Buzzfeed guy had lots to say on this topic.

Let's establish, first, that there IS such a thing as social and non-social content. In the video, I go into what makes a video social vs NOT social, but I think this could apply to content generally.

Let me know what YOU think...and if you have other ideas on what makes the difference.

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